Rania, a ten- year old girl, is characterized with innocence, beauty and quietness. During the last war on Gaza in 2014, Rania’s right hand has been seriously injured, negatively affecting the movement of her hand. This made her suffer from mental disorder such as having nightmares and screaming once she hears the rain sound. It was noticed that she had a weak educational attainment and became more violent with her siblings. She has not been received enough attention to get her out from isolation, fear, shyness and violence state.


Rania has been chosen in the project “ Psychological social support for children in emergency case”, where she has been able to get benefit from several activities of protecting and improving the psychological state for children in the Gaza Strip. At the beginning of the project, she was introvert and was always preferring not to communicate with other female students. This project has been working on getting Rania out of solitude and shyness through implementing several activities related to the management of psychological stress. These activities include field visits, dialogue session, individual and collective guidance, relaxation exercises, self- discovery, and self- healing. In addition, the project has provided some advice regarding how to deal with others, play sports, fill her time with useful things to her study and future, believe in fate and destiny, and overcome difficulties to achieve the goal she aspires to.


Day by day, Rania started overcoming the barrier of shyness and loneliness and making friends. Getting more involved in class activities and getting higher marks than those of the pre- test have been clearly observed. The girl has become more optimistic ,active and initiative and believed in positive change.

Began the psychosocial support sessions for children in case of emergency

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution in partnership with Save the Children org. Roll-out many of the activities and events that includes psychosocial support sessions for children and awareness raising for parents and what the consequent of permanent monitoring and evaluation process that is reflected in a positive way on the children’s rights , Within the project  ” Psychosocial support for children in emergency cases ” that it aims to protect and improve the mental state with the most vulnerable in the target group in all areas of the Gaza Strip.

The weakest faith

Dear candles please burn, Illuminate the darkness of our long night, The darkness of the blockade, the division and ignorance, But please don’t burn our children!

Question and exclamation marks are increasing among gazans whose lives in darkness for over eight years, Power outage crisis left a disaster, Known as ” candles children ” they are victims of children who die by drowning or asphyxiation as a result of ignite candles for lighting instead of the power supply which the gazans house doesn’t see it more than 8 hours daily in the better situation.

Friday evening ,  sixth of May 2016 , Mohammed Abu Hindi who lives in the beach camp  West of Gaza – didn’t know he and his children going to be the new victim for a fire caused by a candle which the mom light it in children’s room to illuminate it , It wasn’t  the first incident , It was preceded by a similar scene, two children died of Habil family and another ; Duheir family which completely ruled after a fire broke out in the house which spent six ; They are the father, mother and four children the oldest ages didn’t exceed 6 years .

Yousra (three years), Rahaf (two years), Tamer (two months) sons of Mohamed Abu Hindi burned to death Iin a scene is the toughest since the beginning of the current year due to fire flared up in his house in the night , The story began when the mother placed a candle on a plastic body to illuminate the darkness of the graves to her children in which the family lives without knowing it is the night of the Last dinner , Caught fire at the beginning in the children’s room and it killed three , wounded another and  survived a single child , and others suffered from suffocation .

More than 25 people burned to death or suffocation in the last five years – All of them are children – due the voltage supply crisis in the Gaza Strip and each time happens this type of accidents the people be angry and moves in anger and call is for an end to power crisis that have been worsening and neutralize this file away from the internal political dividing , In this context there is a question : If the three children incident of Abu Hindi family will be the last? Or is the Strip on a date with another charred bodies?! Is there a temporary alternatives it can be activated to help in control the electricity crisis instead of recriminations between the parties of the crisis and the electricity distribution company?

The death of the three children ” burned to death ” and others injured , one of them a boy come back to raises the electricity crisis case strongly in Gazan society which lacks the basic necessities of life with tight siege has been increased pace after the Israeli attack in June / 2014 and political division have a long life to detract from the age of Gazans and their children because of the large number of problems and crises.

When Mr. Haniyeh with his white hat blame Israeli occupation and the government in Ramallah , Is Mr. Haniyeh asked himself he bear a part of the responsibility ? Or the smoke of their bodies didn’t reach to his robe ?!

And when we hear that Mr. Abbas refuses to supply the gas to the gas station which has purchased from occupation and when the occupation insists to bluegrass tax To extend these miserable electricity station with industrial diesel , Does Mr. Abbas asked himself if he care about a branch from his nation ?! Or is he involved his friend Rabin in his wishes if sea swallow it !

Mr. Abbas must come out and give us a convincing answer or Or that the people of Gaza are the forgotten Category?!

Where are your tears Mr.Hamdallah when you have visited Gaza , Or are these tears have Petrified and dried and your eyes be helplessness to see the truth and be generous with ten thousand shekels and Ext-treatment !

We are in the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution we express our strong indignation because of losing our children victims that due to lack of power supply crisis and we are aware of the seriousness of the continuing of power outages crisis , We emphasize that the continuation of the political divide will bring more suffering and victims and reduces the level of the services which provided to citizen who often missing from the basic rights that help him to survive and thrive .



Training the ” Alliance Group” for monitoring and documenting child rights violations in Gaza strip

Today began the implementation of the training program to improve the capacity of the “Alliance group” for monitoring and documenting child rights violations within the activities and events of the project ” protect my right ” and that is reflected on the indeed of children’s rights which paves the way for the initiatives during the next six months, the first day discussed democracy and components and measuring the extent of the application on the Palestinian reality.


PCDCR Concluded Training Course About Concepts of Disability and Related Issues.


(Gaza Strip, 1 June 2016)- The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) concluded a series of training sessions on “Enhancing summer camps counselors’ skills and knowledge about disability and the related issues and how to implement summer camps activities for children with disabilities”. The training program continued for 4 days, and targeted 18 counselors, and it was a part of the project “Improved access to protection and health for children with special needs in Gaza”, implemented by Handicap International. The project aims to enhance resilience and reduce protection and health risks for the most venerable boys and girls in Gaza Strip, in order to improve the psychological wellbeing and coping of targeted children and their families in the vulnerable and marginalized areas.