She Lost Her Husband, and Just the Home Remained to Her

Sabrin is a lady has 25 years and living in Shejaeya. She and her family suffered from the last war on Gaza; since their home was shelled from the Israeli warplane and her husband was injured. He stayed in the intensive care unit 70 days ago then died.

The lady was shocked where she could not realized that the person who strengthen them in difficult conditions and their supporter has gone. This accident left very sad impact to her three sons and she; since she felt of loneliness and Introversion. She left her work and stayed at home.

During the group counseling sessions presented by PCDCR, Sabrine attended in Zahra association where the educator presented 8 sessions for them talking about the bad memories of the last war and its impact to their lives. The educator tried to alleviate the trauma.  

Sabrin’s attitude has changed since she became self- confident and love the life because of her children.

Children Lives in Peace,Safe Home this is What We Dream

Mohammed and Mahmoud are brothers living in Shejaeya. During the last war on Gaza, the Jejaeya has been shelled and destroyed by the Israeli forces. Their house was crashed and their elder brother’s wife was killed hence they were obliged to evacuate from their home specially after the Israeli invasion.

During the PCDCR emergency visits to Shejaeya, both brothers were merged in primary psychosocial support. Then the counselor noticed that they suffered from psychosocial problems such as bedwetting, fear from darkness and aggressive behavior. Therefore, both siblings were transferred to individual counseling and an intervention plans has been organized from them.

The plans included many techniques as relaxation before sleeping, positive imagination and thinking to alleviate the negative thinking of the war, positive dialogue with the child to strengthen the self- trust. In additions, many trainings were implemented to help the children go to the bathroom at night to get rid of bedwetting.

After many sessions, Mohammed and Mahmoud became better and they stopped bedwetting. however, they need more follow up and the counselor still working them.