PCDCR Rounded off the Semi-Finals Round of the Debates’ Club

Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution has completed the semi-finals  round of the debates’ club which is a part of Youth for Civil Peace project that is funded by National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in Gaza strip and West Bank. The project promotes the civil peace among the Palestinian youth.

Two separate debates were held between universities of Gaza Strip which are qualified for the second round of the competition. The first debate was held between Gaza University versus The Islamic University of Gaza, which ended by Gaza university winning the debate. The second debate  was between Al-Quds Open University of the middle area branch versus Al-Azhar University  and  Al-Azhar University win the debate as  Al-Quds Open University has retreated from the competition. As a result, Al-Azhar University and Gaza University will be the finalists in this competition.

All based on the results declared by the jury panel that is composed by Sami Ghuneim, Wael Balousha, and the project coordinator, Hanan Al-Dalou.

According to PCDCR, this competition aims to refine youth’s debating skills and to help them to raise their voices to get to the high positions as a way to claim their rights using arguments, indicators and evidence. The first phase of the project offered an extensive training program for the students through a group of high qualified trainers covering several topics as (Debates’ Mechanisms – Citizenship and Community Accountability).

The competition featured eight universities in both Gaza strip and West Bank, four of them are from the universities of Gaza Strip. Internal completions has been done inside the universities’ campuses and a representative team has been qualified to participant in the semi-final round of the competition.