Confused Mom,and Afraid Son

Sh. K is a child has 11 years old. She and her mother attended  in a family center; since the child seemed to be so frightened and disturbed. The mother narrated her story that in a night of the last war, the child family was Foreshadowed to leave their home in order to be shelled; where their children were sleeping.

The parents carried their children quickly and move outside the home. During that, the first rocket was fallen. The children became scaring and crying. Then warplane shelled the area instead of them. Sh.K has seen the bomb and lost her consciousness.

From that time the child became so scared, Adjacent to her mother, suffered from nightmares and bedwetting as well as low educational achievement. The child was transferred to the counselor.

An intervention plan was organized for the child including relaxation, positive imagination and thinking to alleviate the negative thinking of the war, positive dialogue with the child to strengthen the self- trust. In additions, many trainings were implemented to help the child go to the bathroom at night to get rid of bedwetting. 

After 13 sessions, it was noticed that Sh.K. became more self-confident and felt safety with her family.  In additions, her educational achievement was increased.