Request for price offers for project’s evaluation

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution is implementing a project ” Protective Environment For Children From Sexual Abuse ” , EU-funded , from 01/01/2014 to 31/12/2015 , and the contract includes evaluation of the project activities .

Experts who has the desire and efficiency should provide technical and financial offer to evaluate the following project activities:

1. Training activators and educators.
2. Training four of partner CBOs for strategic planning .
3. Training four of partner CBOs for financial and administrative procedures .
4. Training of Imams .
5. Awareness sessions for children.
6. Awareness sessions for parents .
7. Awareness sessions for Mokhtars .
8. Round tables .
9. Assessing the performance of the work team (Coordinators ,counselors and lawyers)


-Reporting: A report should be submitted  every 6 months until the end of the project .
-The report also includes monitoring the various project activities .
-The Project for two years , from 01/01/2014 and ends in 12/31/2015 .
-Please provide the Cost of the evaluation services in Euros , and submit the evaluation offer in closed envelope or via e-mail no later than Thursday , 30/1/2014 at 3:00 .


The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution