Will I stay all my life with one hand??

Painful words a sex- grade girl address her mother everyday complaining the inability of her left hand. She was embarrassed of her status and felt different from them.
Haneen has a lack of oxygen during her birth which caused cerebral palsy and led to paralysis in her left hand. Her family tried to rescue her by all mean but in vain.
She grew up to find herself different from her peers, frustrated and withdrawn. She refused to go to school and put her hand in her pocket at all times.
When remedial education and psychological support for children launched, the PCDCR staff wnet to Haneen school and met a group of students since she was one of them. Then, they communicated with her mother, who explained her case. Then the specialist designed a plan for treatment. The specialist began to visit Haneen in her school, and worked to integrate her with the students through games by putting her a leader of the game….etc.
This pushed Haneen to get her weak hand out to help herself. In addition teachers asked the students some questions in which encourages her to stand and answer. Teachers were asked to follow the same method with Haneen without embarrassing. Her mother also were recommended to engage her in the housework.
After two months of follow-up, Haneen has volunteered in one of the associations, her mother said that the teachers told her that Haneen became more involved in the class, and walked with her peers in the school hall. She also went to the association with her friends and started helping her mother in the housework.
Note: Haneen is an alias