PCDCR holds a series of workshops about violence against woman

Hebron – The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution implemented a series of workshops targeting the oppressed women within the project of the support and empowerment of women , which is funded by the Norwegian People Aid . These workshops are in cooperation with many women institutions at Dora , Bani Naeem , Yata, Al Fahs , Al Shuyoukh , Beit Kahel and Soreef . A big number of women attended the meetings and they are recognized of the center’s free services specially the free of charge phone service and the psychological counseling and legal services . The meetings contained many subjects about the woman rights and the violence against her , the woman and the law , the woman and the discrimination and the psychological exercises .
The project coordinator , Ms. Nour Jaber , said that the aim of these meetings is to get the awareness of the woman of her rights and duties , get rid of the discrimination and the violence against the woman and to respect the woman and her rights in the family and the society , stating that this project has continued for 4 years and it will continue its services the next period .

I am the killer

” I am the killer ” the child shouted .
This is a story about the child ” w ” , before he had joint the first grade . The child is handsome and smart , his mother said that he will be like his father .
His father is an officer and most of the time he is out home , his mother sometimes goes shopping and they leave their children alone at home .
One day , the father and the mother went out their home and left their children alone , also, the father left his pistol unlocked . The father said that they used to watch the series specially ” Nasar series ” .
The father said that his child ,who is clever and naughty, took the pistol and shoot his brother while he was sleeping , then he sit in the corner quietly without shouting or crying . I tried to convince him that the Israeli occupation shoot his brother not him , but till now he says that he is the killer .
The child’s father brought his child to the Palestinian center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution and told the psychological counselor the story . The counselor found that the child suffers from neural excess , nightmares , fear , distraction , headache ,cramps and a decline in the academic achievement .
Then by the counseling sessions , the child started going out alone , going to school, his academic level is increased and he became familiar with his family .

PCDCR beats University College friendly

The team of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution beat its counterpart, the team of the University College .It scored 6 goals to 3 goals in the match between them at Al Mashtal sport club .
The match was very exciting . The University College’s team opened the match by the player ” Khalid Abu Amrah ” , then the Palestinian Center’s team scored 3 goals by the players ” Mohammed Al Kahlout , Ihab Abu El Kheir and Ahmed Abu Haseerah ” . The first period of the match was finished by scoring 3 goals for the Palestinian Center against a goal for the other team .
In the second period , the University College’s team tried to reach the goal of the Palestinian Center’s team and it scored a goal by the player ” Islam Yousif Rezka ” . Then the Palestinian Center’s team scored 2 goals by the players ” Abed Al Madhoun and Mumen Al Kahlout “. The University College’s team did its effort and scored a goal by the player ” Ramadan Mahmoud Al Nayrab ” . Few minutes before the end of the match , the player ” Mohammed Al Kahlout ” scored his second goal and the sixth goal for his team .

War residues

A. is 5 years old , he had a shock during the war on Gaza as a result, he stopped talking and refused to talk to anybody in his house and the kindergarten .
There was psycho dramatic sessions within the psychosocial support project for the kindergarten children and their parents . A. didn’t participate in the activities or talk to his friends so, the activator tried to make him participate in the activities .
When the puppets show started , he was being attracted and smiling .
After that , when the children started drawing , he refused to draw but in the middle of the activity he started drawing .The activator noticed that he drew a lot of destroyed houses and the armed forces .
Although all the children talked about their graphics , he was silent . Then the activator gave the children presents in order to encourage them to draw more graphics , when he gave A. a present , he was very happy .
The child’s grandmother came the next day to meet the activator ,thanked him and told him that the child talked for the first time after the war about the present he has received , the games and the activities he has practiced .
When the child came the next day , he started talking to the activator and to his friends and practiced all the games and activities .
This story is one of a lot of the success stories that the project realized as these stories reflect the importance of the activities in supporting and reinforcing the children .

Jawwal holds a meeting about the problems Jawwal subscribers suffer from

Today , 04/03/2010 ; Jawwal co. in cooperation with the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution held a meeting at the center in Gaza about the problems and the obstacles that Jawwal subscribers suffer from . The meeting is attended by Jawwal co. members and the Palestinian Center officials .
The administrative and financial affairs coordinator, Mrs. Muna Ghuneim , welcomed the attendees of Jawwal co. and the center .
The administrative manager of Jawwal co. , Mohammed Musa , lead the meeting explaining the techniques of the company’s work and their services to the subscribers . He talked about the transmitting stations and the net capacity of getting new subscribers , explaining that the cause of problems the subscribers confront is the Israeli occupation prevention of the entry of the needs to Gaza Strip and the separation of the electricity .
Also , he explained the benefits and the importance of the transmitting stations and that there is a treatment plan to improve the transmitting stations and get about 50 power generators .
At the end of the meeting , the attendees made a discussion and some inquiries , Mr. Mohammed Musa answered them and he thanked the cooperation of the Palestinian center .

The pain of the four age child

M. is a four age child , his father was killed in the war on Gaza , the thing that affected him so, he became an introvert . Before the killing of his father , he was active and went to the kindergarten actively and played with his friends .
After the killing of his father , he became sad , introvert and his weight was decreased. The Palestinian center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution held psycho-dramatic sessions within the activities of the ” Psychosocial support project ” for the kindergarten children and their parents in Gaza Strip .
M. was one of those children whom the activator noticed his fear of dealing with others . She tried to make him participate in the activities but he was hesitant . When the activator gave him coloring pencils, he drew several paintings about war planes , helicopters , rockets and a man in the grave . The activator asked him about his paintings and he started to talk his father’s accident . Then the activator reassured him that the war was finished and that the people who died went to better place . After that the child started participating in the activities particularly, the puppets and he felt happy . The next day , his mother came to the kindergarten as she noticed the positive change on her child ‘s behavior , she said that when her child came back home the day before , he was happy and he talked about the games and the puppets .
In the second session , the child dealt with the children and practiced all the activities with pleasure . Also, his mother said that he woke up early and he was eager to go to the kindergarten .
At the end , M. and all the children were very happy and asked if the activators will visit them again to play with them or not .