Escaping from loss

The child ( M) , 10 years old in the fourth grade , left the school since more than a month without any reason just the negligence and the lack of interest of education.
Some of his friends told him about another place of education ,where they found pleasure and qualified and cooperative teachers, within a project to improve there educational level, and he knew that the name of the project is ” Children protection team” .
(M) accepted to go with them, and he could have a great number of new friends .
The activators noticed his problem after several sessions as he didn’t go to school, but he is regular in the group and in doing all the assigned tasks. Therefore, they decided to talk to him , visit his home and recognize the his environment.
They started to understand his circumstances, also (M) asked their help to return to his school as the rest of his colleagues.
On the context, the activator and his family visited the school and submit a request to return him to his school. We noticed his commitment with his group at Al-Falah Benevolent Institution and a progress in attaining the subjects in general and the Arabic language in particular, as the project presented educational sessions at ( Arabic, Mathematics and English ) .
Finally, (M) became diligent and started to make greater performance towards his future.

The sun shine again

a mother ( S) attended the Palestinian centre for democracy and conflict resolution in order to ask a help for her son’s wife (M) aged 23 years and have a son and a daughter. Mrs. (S ) mentioned that her son’s wife is obedient to the family and doesn’t talk a lot, but she don’t care of her appearance , her children and her husband as well as she don’t participate in social events of the family , so her husband disliked her and started to look for another wife.
PCDCR had its role in this case ,where I visited the family and meet her (M). we discussed together the causes of her reactions until I know the basic reasons.
On the other hand, I contacted with her husband in order to know the real reasons for hating his wife . and we agreed on a mechanism to talk with his wife and teaching her some of the social skills and how to deal with her husband and children.
After few days, the husband called to thank my intervention to help them and told me the changes of their relation which reflected the happiness in the family, as the husband get red of his desire of marriage and started to deal with his family in a nice way.
And its not the end , I visited the family to know the range of change and they thank me and the centre for the intervention and for programs which served in re- covering the family again.