The national dialogue .. to where !‎

Written by: fayez zaqout‎
The Palestinian people is in a state of despair because of the delaying of national ‎dialogue sessions again and again whether tactically programmed, for factional ‎interests or even for regional interests.‎
Despite the national reconciliation and dialogue is a legitimate right for the ‎Palestinian people in its all categories because the Palestinian people is the only ‎one who pays the price of the two parties conflict.‎
At the grassroots level, citizens major concern of the dialogue sessions is ‎community based reconciliation, specially after the division state which scattered ‎‎ and dissolve the social fabric of the Palestinian community.‎
The Palestinian society is a tribal society who take in consideration restoring his ‎respect and answering back insults, but the occupation daily practices against ‎the Palestinian people reduced this reaction to revenge, and is replaced by ‎tolerance and forgiveness principles, the principles which our religion calls for ‎and we hope that it would be the dominate in the community reconciliation ‎process.‎
Civil society in its all components, organizations, factions, universities, and all ‎categories of youth, women, community leaders and intellectuals play a role in ‎enhancing social values such as forgiveness and tolerance which employed to the ‎interest of community based reconciliation, but these components need more ‎efforts by the organizations and centers that work specifically on national ‎dialogue and community based reconciliation, they should pressure on both ‎conflicted parties to accept the principle of serious dialogue away from ‎controversial and procrastination, also imposing the law and punishing the ‎offenders, as well as raising awareness that the interests of our homeland should ‎prevail any other interests for its developments also reintegrating the Palestinian ‎community and reconstructing Gaza after the persistent aggressions against Gaza ‎strip.‎

“Towards Gaza free from suspicious objects” initiative

Gaza – Gaza scout knights group is working on to implement the initiative of “towards Gaza free from suspicious objects”, funded by PCDCR and UNICEF.
Since the suspicious objects are dangerous and threatening our comfort and happiness, Gaza scout knights group started implementing this initiative, because of what we witnessed of a bitter reality, specially after the last war on Gaza, where the phenomenon of suspicious objects increased, and that led to a number of casualties specially from children.
From this point, the group start raising awareness among a large number of citizens and children about the serious dangers of such a phenomenon and how to deal with such objects.
The initiative also called upon the officials and non-officials to take their role in protecting children and citizens lives, and getting rid of such suspicious objects.

Household violence and abuse within the family

Written by:Nour Jaber

Relations among family are the main axes for human life and man existence.
Then where is violence and why for violence and where the psychological, physical, social, economical and sexual abuse among family, and how it happen, perhaps the most important reason for household violence is the collaborating of emotional intensity characteristics with personal intimate relations in family life, and family ties are always charged with emotions whether by love or hate, so we usually see quarrels as a result of retracting hatred feelings to love or the opposite.
The other reason can be that tolerance and indifference in such Quarrels in society would make it end as a phenomenon, but remains inwardly and children gain it from the surrounding and the rest of family.
Household violence is an acquired behavior from family or one of family members, and is not the result of genes, since the child learns about life by acquisition which become later a daily behavior practiced routinely, for instance , girls like to imitate their mothers in the way of speech, clothing, while boys always act as their fathers specially in the early years from three to five years old, this period called the “serious” period to acquire behavior.
To sum up the household violence is the result of upbringing and acquiring customs from family first and society, so if we want to change or alleviate this phenomenon from society it depends on where we are, what we want, and our behaviors which are our children’s heritage after us, and to look to ourselves before looking to a phenomenon which caused by us.