Toys Initiative

Gaza – one of the main initiatives that should be implemented, ” toys initiative” for it can carry the messages of the children and their bitter reality.
From this point Al-Nayzak organization for education started implementing it, funded by PCDCR in cooperation with UNECIF.
The initiative aimed to activating the role of marginalized and victims of violence children, through investing the idea of toys to spread awareness of concepts such as violence and poverty and its affects on them, also employing the modern technology (Youtube) to spread the knowledge.
The initiative tackled 125 child directly, distributed into two groups, the first group age (12-18) years, the second one ( 6-12)years, over three areas.
The initiative aimed to enhancing the idea of protecting environment through recycling the used materials in making toys.
The initiative ended with a festival in the center and another one in the targeted area.

Prosperity in Youth

Gaza- as a result of the youth active role in protecting children from violence and exploitation, PCDCR in cooperation with UNICEF, funded the initiative of “prosperity in youth”.
The initiative tackled 250 child from Gaza, where it included many activities, the most notable, equipping the puppet show, preparing groups to exchange views that aiming to entertain the targeted children through teaching them and increasing their knowledge, encouraging them to express themselves and displaying the Palestinian child’s main issues affectively.
The initiative also tackled the parents and Palestinian families to raise their awareness of the childhood reality and how to deal with it, moreover it aimed to increase youth concern to the children and their issues.
The initiative was concerned with media and employing it to deliver a practical message from children themselves to all other categories of the Palestinian society specially the interested categories and decision makers.

Children in our Neighborhood

Executive party:Khan Younis Youth Without Limits Forum
Duration: From 1 September 2007, until 30 November 2007

Children in “Youth without Limits Forum” initiative performed a play reflecting their live inside the village. The play will be presented in some areas in the Gaza Strip, in addition to encouraging children’s plastic arts skills.
Those young children who took the initiative also activated literal expression through writing stories and drawing pictures to express themselves and their emotions. Children’s creative writings and drawings will be presented in the final celebration.

Field visits are integral parts of this initiative to spread their idea in addition to the magazine that will be published including several issues regarding protecting children. A final celebration held.

We Love our Country

Executive party: Children International Palestinian Association for Friendship

Duration: From 5 September 2007, until 30 October 2007

A group of children are being educated about stress and emotional expressing through a play helping to limit violence and educating people. The initiative includes several workshops about family violence between children.

The team composed a song including an educative item about children protection issues. In addition, it will draw wall paintings aiming at eliminating violence.

All accomplishments presented in a final celebration, which will be announced in the near future.

PCDCR ending implementing the activities of “youth saving education” project

Gaza – PCDCR in cooperation with Nassij ended the last level of “youth saving education” project, which included 8 social initiatives, 4 in the Middle governorate and 4 in the North governorate.
The title of the first initiative is ” a colorful summer” , it was implemented on Gaza beach through the local society organizations that tackled 800 child in both governorates. The festivals included many activities such as puppet show, clown, folklore and other activities.

The title of the second initiative is “let’s start” since lately a dangerous phenomenon spread among youth which is “drug addiction” such as Altermal, as a result of the blockade on Gaza strip and the worsening of economical situation.
The spreading of this phenomenon leaded to social and psychological problems in society.
The initiative targeted 600 persons from the different categories of society, specially the youth and parents in order to raise awareness through workshops and media awareness.
The title of the third initiative is ” the safety places”, in which 4 games places were equipped in order to provide safety game places in the marginalized and borders areas after defining the needs of the area youth and children.
The last initiative title is ” the computerized education”, this initiative was implemented to help high-school students in mathematics through analyzing and facilitating the mathematics curriculum, preparing a summery with all difficult lessons and distributed 1600 CD copies for the tenth grade and 1600 CD copies for the eleventh grade.
At the end the coordinator of the project, Heba Al-Baz, reported that these initiatives had a great affect on both youth and children by spreading happiness among them, helping them in the educational program and giving them the chances of entertainment throughout the summer.

Eyes (Oyoon) Initiative

Gaza- Due to the continual aggressions on the children rights, and because families don’t know children legal rights, PCDCR in cooperation with UNICEF, funded an initiative named “eyes” (oyoon).
The initiative aimed mainly to issue a brochure that calls for protecting children, recalling the international convention for children rights and discussing the articles that state child labor and psychological and physical violence.
Moreover, this initiative tackled a group of children, it aimed to raise their awareness, make them realize their rights and contribute in achieving these rights.
It also aimed to draw the society attention to some problems and how to resolve these problems.
The team work issued radio episodes, a song produced by children themselves, workshops, a documentary film and a website that display all initiative photos and activities.
The brochures were distributed on the initiative closing ceremony.

“Swimming Championship for Child Protection” Initiative

Gaza- PCDCR in cooperation with UNICEF, funded the initiative of “swimming championship for child protection”, which implemented by Namaa Sport Club.
The initiative aimed to debrief children psychologically, the importance of this initiative came from the fact that the entire of Gaza strip is a coastal strip extending along the Mediterranean Sea, thus we should protect our children from drawing and the fact that swimming is one of the most important sports, it will have a positive effect on children in teaching them the healthy habits during the training and competing each other will lead to the interaction and the emergence of relations and friendships among them and acquiring them good concepts and habits through the banners and the ads of the championship during the initiative.

My Creativity Exceeded my pain

North of Gaza –only for the sake of public interest and particularly for the children interest, the Assembly of the Friends of Jabalya ( the light of life ) implemented the initiative of “my creativity exceeded my wound”.

The PCDCR in cooperation with UNICEF funded this initiative, due to the increased need to contribute in providing the social and psychological support, specially for children victims of Gaza war.
The initiative aimed to enhancing self-confidence of children victims of the war, and helping them to overcome this period, where a data base is established about the needs of the injured children to be reference for those in-need.
This initiative tackled 10 of injured children, the main activities included implementing workshops, training the children on the creative work and interacting with each other to overcome pain.

Road Safety Initiative

Deir al-Balah – road safety is one of the most important initiatives that should be worked on, wherefore PCDCR in cooperation with UNICEF funded a vanguard development team which following the Palestinian development committee, to implement the initiative “road safety” that aim to contribute in protecting children from accidents and raising children’s awareness of the dangers of the non-compliance with regulations and traffic signals, it also introducing them to their rights and duties on roads as well as reinforcing the official and social attitudes towards the dangers of accidents that lead to disability or even death.
The training tackled a large number of children in the middle governorate, 200 children directly and 20.000 children indirectly, through forming groups of children and local committees in addition to media, drama, infield and training activities.
Therefore, we must comply with the regulations and laws to get our children to safety.

PCDCR signed an agreement to implement ” Youth Saving Education” project

Gaza. The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution in the province of Gaza signed yesterday an agreement with Save the Children to implement a project of ” Youth Saving Education” with budget of $ 60667 $, within the Nasiji Program that funded by the Ford Foundation in partnership with regional advisory committee includes five Arab countries (Jordan and Yemen, Lebanon, Egypt and Palestine). ”Youth Saving Education” project is targeting young people aged between 16 to 17 years, and is aiming to achieve the following:

1. Improving the performance of graduates and their psychology.

2. Improving the standard of education and the education process.

3. Activating the role of youth and institutions.

4. Promoting the process of advocacy among young people.

Mr. Eyad Abu Hujir, Deputy Director General has signed the agreement on behalf of the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution, Mr. David Burns, Director General – the Office of the West Bank and Gaza on behalf of Save the Children Foundation and Mr. Ramsey Bertie Financial and Administrative Director of Save the Children – Gaza. It is worth mentioning that the project activities will start on October 1, 2008, in each of the provinces of North and Gaza.