The little artist

Eleven years old Muhannad Qrainawi , has a great talent in ‎painting, he is one of the beneficiaries of Safe Areas for ‎Emergency Education project, which is implemented by the ‎PCDCR in cooperation of SCS Foundation and funded by ‎ROTA .‎
Muhannad is in the sixth grade, he benefited greatly from the ‎project, he also raised his educational level ,in addition he ‎exercised his hobby of painting through the project.‎
Muhannad had expressed a great talent in painting and hand ‎crafts in general, he is very active ,he always presents the first ‎and departs the last.‎
Muhannad’s teachers are very happy with his presence, they say ‎that he makes the atmosphere of the project vital.
‎ When we visited the Center, which the project is implemented ‎in, we’ve been welcomed by Muhannad with a smile on his face, ‎and he offered us to see his drawings.‎
‎ He took us to the upper floor and show us his drawings, he ‎talked about his friends who share in this work, and expressed ‎his delight to the opportunity offered by the project to exercise ‎his hobby and to work on his educational development at the ‎same time. ‎

The kites initiative

Within Community Based child Protection project which is presented by ‎PCDCR and SCI ,and funded by the Italian Cooperation. ‎
The children in the project Initiate to make kites and wrote their Violated‎‏ ‏‎ ‎rights on them, then they flied the kites in the area of Abu Hadaf in Al-‎Qarara.‎
The children said that through this activity, the decision makers can see ‎the kits , and they will know the children needs and what they want.‎
Every child flied his kite and all them were happy to play and express ‎their needs in the same time. ‎
They wished that they will always have the ability to express themselves ‎and their rights. ‎

Planting initiative

Community Based child Protection project, is a project convened by ‎PCDCR in partnership with SCI Foundation , funded by the Italian ‎Cooperation.
The project aims to provide a safe environment for Palestinian children ‎living in Qarara and Khaza’a areas which are affected by conflict , in ‎addition the project aims to give children the chance to learn their rights.‎
The children participating in the project in Khaza’a area, had planted ‎some trees in (Dewan Swedan) where they are having their educational ‎workshops in the project.‎
The children cooperated in this activity and every one has his own ‎responsibilities.‎
Some of them brought the tools ,others brought the plants, and the reset ‎of them do the planting process.‎
The children through this activity practiced their right in having a healthy ‎environment.‎
They worked hard to make their initiative succeed, and they where happy ‎to see the trees which they planted ,growing around them. ‎
‎ ‎

The ship of hope

According to activities in Community Based child Protection project ‎which is presented by PCDCR and SCI ,and funded by the Italian ‎Cooperation. ‎
The children in the project made a small ship and called it the ship of ‎hope.‎
The children said that this ship is like an Ambassador for their rights.‎
They see that the ship can travel every where ,cringing on it Deck
‎ there rights.‎
They see also that in the sea there are rough waves in the way of the ‎ship, similar to the difficult circumstances that the children faces in ‎their life.‎
They said that the ship is a ship of hope and survival of their communities ‎and throughout the world, the dream of all their rights in the application ‎on the ground in order to live in an atmosphere of safety and security of ‎life, education, health, participation and expression, growth , non-‎exploitation, and non-discrimination on the basis of nationality or ‎religion.‎

Palestine is the Only Absent Element from our Leaders Agenda

yes for national reconciliation, yes for the unity of Gaza and West Bank, yes to end the division status, tens of slogans which is risen up everyday in every spot of this fragmented homeland, tens of girls and boys every day call upon unity and ending division status, through hundreds of activities, but it seems that our leaders became deaf and blind, and they cannot see or hear anymore.
Indeed it is strange how the Palestinian leadership is as if all of them like to be discriminated, different and unique un like the others.
History and humanitarian experiences in all nations that differed and fought each other, taught us that if leaderships start initiatives for the nation reconciliation and ending the fragmentation and division status.
Implementing national programs to convince the nation the necessity of forgetting the past and everyone starts to work together to serve our country Palestine or the remnant of Palestine.
We can see that the people of Palestine is the one who pities the leaders to reach reconciliation or work for the interests of country which is the only absent element in their political calculations.
A big question which imposes itself, why for all of these complications ? and why the leadership insists on putting obstacles under big replicated terms, they once call for national reconciliation and some times not to give up other times regional pressures, isn’t it better for both parties to move forward, as I think all Palestinian political factions bear the historical responsibility without an exception and not only Fatah and Hamas.
They should realize that the Palestinian people got bored because of these silly negotiations and the they became aware and believe that all these conflicts are nothing but an endeavors to gain more factional benefits, as if it was a negotiation between two enemies or countries and they all forgot that the achievement will not exceed a little bits presented from Israel.
Didn’t the leadership recognize that the only victim who pays for their conflicts and silliness is the Palestinian people, while they still enjoying all luxury and welfare life and were not affected by the division and siege, acting on television as if they care .
I wonder didn’t the leaders read the public opinions, didn’t they get scared by the average of people who wants to immigrate, wasn’t the huge number of people who don’t trust sufficient to stop them.
Didn’t they take into consideration that we are able to account them for what they commit against us and against the remnants of this country.
A word that I would like to say as a citizen and which I think that lot of people wish to be able say it, wake up leaders before it comes a time in which young generation curse you before old ones, wake up and keep Palestine in your mind and not your factions , wake up and listen to your people voices and not your positions because all of what you own will not ever last, the only remnant is what you present to this fragmented homeland.

Standstill between two positions


The date to held the sixth conference of Fatah movement is approaching, tomorrow will ‎mark the long- awaited conference for twenty years, twenty years generations arose and ‎generations died and others failed to work because of disease.‎
The delay in holding the conference for two decades is an indicator to a critical ‎organizational crisis experienced by the movement.‎
It is unreasonable in history that a political movement or state waits all this time to held ‎its conference, and in spite of all excuses, conflicts and justifications which may convince ‎us, waiting all this time indicates a vital and dynamic crisis which the movement ‎experiences.‎

Finally it is decided to held the conference in Palestine in Bethlehem on the forth of ‎august 2009. We as Palestinian citizens felt optimistic that finally there is a decision to ‎held the conference and this shows to some extent that there is a trend to make decision, ‎specially in the time of no decisions and the administrative and political anarchy, we ‎thought that holding the conference itself can be positive in improving the movement ‎status and restructuring it , also reviewing its performance, because we believe that a ‎healthy Fatah would return in benefit for Palestinian people, specially because it is ‎considered one of the main political components in the Palestinian arena.‎

Regardless of the method of selecting the members of conference, whether it is based on ‎unfounded or tainted by some defects as the exception to some active forces within Fatah; ‎this is a matter of Fatah persons, I don’t allow myself to interfere as I am an independent ‎Palestinian, but I can reach conclusions which are not encouraging for the output of this ‎conference.‎

The organizers for this conference made a great effort to persuade Israel to allow to the ‎outside members of the conference to enter the west bank, most of the efforts succeeded, ‎only a few members Israel prevented them to enter the west bank and this in turn leads ‎us to two questions:‎

‎*why similar efforts didn’t made to convince Hamas to allow the members of the ‎conference from Gaza strip to participate?‎

‎*does Israel become more understanding and tolerant to the needs of one of the main ‎political components of Palestine (Fatah) of Hamas?‎

We will try to answer these two questions to clarify the tragic image for the Palestinian ‎situation.‎

The leadership of didn’t contact Hamas to resolve this problem, either because they ‎consider that it is not a problem and they didn’t expect the responsible of Hamas would ‎take such a position of rejection as a matter of trust, and the right is Hamas should not ‎prevent the members of the conference from participating, or they don’t recognize the ‎existence of Hamas and deny its legitimacy accordingly would not behave modestly to ‎ask them such a request, and only they deal with the Syrian and Egyptian mediation to ‎resolve this problem and this in itself is unjustified arrogance because brothers have the ‎priority to be asked rather than strangers(Israel); and why Hamas rejects the participation ‎of the members of conference from Gaza while Israel allow this; isn’t this unacceptable ‎behavior from Hamas

If one looks to Hamas demands in order to allow the participation of members from Gaza ‎which includes the release of detainees in the prisons of Palestine national authority in the ‎west bank and having passport to Gaza, he would find it reasonable and legitimate ‎demands, then, why Fatah refuses the positive cooperation with these demands if they are ‎interested in the participation of the members of the conference from Gaza, specially that ‎this cost is required for the benefit of the Palestinian people, to release political prisoners ‎in the west bank will be a positive behavior to encourage dialogue and to allow access of ‎passports, and will grantee to Palestinian in Gaza to pay half of the cost which they pay ‎to the passport offices and brokers.‎

I don’t understand why Fatah refuses that, is it because they don’t have the ability to take ‎such a decision, then we say the Algerian proverb ” Allah Alghaleb” or they have the ‎ability but don’t want to take it, this in itself another problem. Although the legitimacy of ‎the demands of Hamas, why doesn’t Hamas allow the members of the conference to ‎participate in a courage and tolerant step whether Fatah responded to their demands or ‎not?‎

Aren’t Hamas raising the slogan of religion; religious is tolerance; good and bad aren’t ‎equal, then why not pay the way that is better?!‎

I call upon Hamas to take courageous decision to allow Fatah members to participate in ‎the conference as a good-will gesture regardless if Fatah responded or not, because in ‎such a big situation this will increase their respect and not the opposite and will open a ‎window of hope in success of the dialogue which is postponed since many months.‎
I also call upon the leadership of Fatah in the West Bank to deal positively with Hamas ‎demands.‎

The parties must present a glimmer of hope for the people because what is being done as ‎actions, reactions and arrogance against each other, spread despair and frustration among ‎the general public…. You both parties, fear your god, the one who starts peace is the ‎better.‎