Wrote by: Lana Hijazi
Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project” is a project held by Save the Children Organization and the PCDCR, and is funded by Rota. This project is founded to help provide education and support to children in the troubled city of Gaza Strip. One of the main concerns of the project is the impact of war and destruction on Gaza’s youth, and the emotional and psychological effects of these events on an entire generation of children.
Children lack the ability to understand what is going around them and therefore fail to handle it and deal with it. Which, in many cases, cause them psychological problems that shows up in their behavior and the way they deal with the world around them.

Abdul-Aziz is among those children. He is a 10 years old boy, who lives in Um Al Nasser zone in Gaza strip. This zone was affected badly during the latest Israeli attack in December, 2008. As for Abdul-Aziz, he developed an aggressive personality which also affected his interest in school.

Teachers at “Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project” noticed Abdul-Aziz attitude, which was also reflected adversely on some of his class mates. Therefore, the teachers took several steps in order to help Abdul-Aziz both in his studies and the reshaping of his personality.

Abdul-Aziz was assigned to be his class leader, a position which required that he helps with organizing the class and help the teachers with some simple tasks. Teachers believed that this will encourage the boy to maintain a decent behavior and set a good example for his class mates. In addition, they paid extra care and attention in order to help him with his school work. All the hard work paid off, and as a result, Abdul-Aziz showed a great improvement at his studies. And as a class leader, he was a good influence on his class mates


Wrote by: Lana Hijazi
Majd is a disabled child ,he used to set alone and to stay by himself for long time, because he thinks that he is not like other children and he isn’t able to play with them.
Children in Community Based Child Protection in The Gaza Strip Project, went to Majd’s house .
They invited him to come and share them in the activities, which are held during Community Based Child Protection in The Gaza Strip Project.
Majd was afraid that other children will not accept him, he hesitated to go, but in the end he went there.
Every body welcomed Majd and they played with him many different games.
In the end of the day,Majd was happy and he learnt his rights and other children also do.


Wrote by: Lana Hijazi
In order to bring up productive and educated individuals, it is very important to make sure to nourish their souls and minds. That’s a main goal for the “Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project”. Therefore, a close attention is paid to the emotional and mental health of the students.

Students progress and performance is closely monitored by the teachers to make sure that they are at their best.

Yousef is one of the students who used to attend the remedial lessons offered by “Safe Areas for Emergency Education in Gaza Strip Project”. This project is held by the Save the Children Organization and the PCDCR, and is funded by Rota.

For few days, Yousef didn’t make it to the classes, which got his teachers concerned. They inquired about his absence from his class mates and they found out that he was going through a family crisis caused by his parents separation.

Teachers arranged a visit to Yousef’s house and encouraged him not to skip his classes. Their visit and encouragement had a great impact on Yousef, who returned to his classes. But it wasn’t over there; the teachers went ahead and arranged a meeting between Yousef and his mom, whom he didn’t see for a month due to the separation. That meeting replaced Yousef’s worries and concerns with peace of mind and hope that things will be better, allowing him to get back to concentrating on his classes and Future.