A partnership Agreement with El R’bee Association of Social Service

Gaza. Continuation of the efforts of the Palestinian Centre, which includes providing psychological, legal and social counseling, that serve large segments of society, the Center signed, Tuesday 15 May 2008, a partnership agreement with El R’bee Association of Social Service for strengthening the child protection from violence and abuse. The partnership agreement was reached in the attendance of Mr.’s. Naeel El Magadma, El R’bee Association’s Manager, Younis El Tahrawi, Muder El Dany and Ahmad El Moghrapy, members of the PCDCR ‘s Legal Committee. This agreement comes in a cooperation process to provide legal and psychological service for minors where the Centre will adopt the minors’ cases that needs such aids. It is worth mentioning that the Center has provided social and psychological counseling services through its Counseling staff and has achieved many successes related to children. Agreement Terms: First: Legal cooperation: The Palestinian Centre legal unity’s representatives will provide any legal advice requested by El R’bee Association to minors located at its headquarters. Adopting cases from El Rabee’ Association as following: • Following-up the minor’s legal status. • Providing legal assistance and support for the minors represented by El R’bee Association (bail applications and following up the cases with the competent courts without incurring Palestinian Centre for any financial obligations). Second: Psychological counseling -The Center shall provide psychological assistance for El Rabee’ Association’s psychological counselors through its psychological staff upon the request of El Rabee’ Association. -Determined one day a week to visit El Rabee’ Association to follow-up minors cases who are in need of support and counseling services. -El Rabee Association shall be responsible for providing a suitable place for the psychological counselor and supplying him with anything he needs in order to perform his work. -El Rabee Association shall facilitate the lawyers’ and psychological counselors’ access to the minors’ cases files to study and follow them up legally and judiciary and to put a suitable counseling plan. Done in Gaza on 12/5/2008 Signed by the Director of the Gaza branch of the Palestinian Centre for Conflict Resolution and Director of El Rabee’ Association