The role of art works in combating different shapes of violence against women

PCDCR finishes its first art exhibition

Gaza.Within the activities that PCDCR launched on 25 November 2007, in commemoration of the International Day of Combating Violence against Women, PCDCR finished its first art exhibition which was held under the title “The role of art works in combating violence against women”.

The exhibition was held in coordination with Al-Aqsa University Dean of Student Affairs. It took place at the University’s conferences hole and lasted for seven days.

The Center announced for four cash prizes for the best four works of art that reflect the violence women are exposed to in the Palestinian society. The four works included a work of art, an expressive picture, a poster, and an embodied work of art.

Several faculties and university students including Fine Arts students attended the exhibition final celebration, where four participants were honored for their works by receiving US$100 each. Moreover, appreciation certificates were given to the participants whose works came in the fifth to the eleventh levels.

In attendance were Dr. Shfeeq Rodwan, Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts in Al-Aqsa University, Mr. Abdulmen’em El Tahrawi, Coordinator of Support and Empowerment of Women Victims to Violence Program, and Mr. Mohammed El Natour, Officer of university activities.

Dr. Rodwan highlighted the important role of civil society’s institutions in spreading none-violence culture between university students. He appreciated the active role of PCDCR in combating social violence in general and violence against women in particular. In this regard, he called institutions to seriously consider art to reflect different shapes of violence in the Palestinian society.

Mr. Abdulmen’em El Tahrawi stated that this exhibition came within the activities of “Support and Empower Women Victims to Violence” program, which the Center implements at the aim of providing legal, psychological, and social consultations for women victims to violence. This exhibition, El Tahrawi added aimed at spreading culture of none-violence in the Palestinian society.