PCDCR Announces the Release of Child Protection Initiatives

The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution (PCDCR) in ‎partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund-UNICEF announced the release ‎of 20 initiatives in children protection in order to :‎
• Contribute to the protection of children and the reduction of violence and ‎exploitation.‎
• Encourage the children to think and plan for initiatives on child protection.‎
• Promote a culture of cooperation among the children imparting skills and ‎teamwork.‎
• Give the children the necessary skills to play a role in their community and ‎with their peers for change on issues that affect them.‎

Fields of initiatives:‎

Initiatives, that are concerned with child protection from violence and exploitation in ‎all its forms, will be selected through different fields, for example:‎
Media – artistic – culture – electronics – voluntary work – mobilization and influence – ‎sports and education.‎

‏Application conditions:‎

Applicants of Initiatives:‎

a)‎ A group of children : number 7-10, age 14-18 years‎
b)‎ A group of children from institutions dealing with children, where the role of ‎the institution will be the guide to the children who will implement the ‎initiative.‎
c)‎ The initiative should target all the layers of the community. ‎
d)‎ The idea of the initiative should be creative and distinguished.‎
e)‎ The initiative’s expense ranges that is required from the PCDCR between ‎‎1,500$- 2,500$‎
f)‎ The initiative should be implemented in a period that does not exceeds three ‎months.‎
g)‎ The initiative’s budget should cover the activities and events of the initiative ‎only.‎
h)‎ The provided service should be free for the targeted group.‎

Initiatives’ Applications assessment:‎
A specialized commission will evaluate the submitted applications under the ‎following criteria:‎

* The initiative should be in a harmony with the overall objective which to ‎contributing to the protection of children from violence and exploitation.‎
* The initiative should convene with the required conditions mentioned above.‎
* The creativity and distinguish of the initiative.‎
‎*‎ The possibility to implement the initiative practically.‎
* A rational distribution of the initiative’s budget on its items
according to the previous standards, the commission will choose the best 20 initiatives ‎from all governorates of Gaza strip. All the applicants will be informed with the ‎results, to implemented:‎

‎-‎ ‎12 initiative in the summer holiday and the beginning of the new school year ‎‎(August, September, October 2007).‎
‎-‎ ‎8 initiatives in the winter holiday and the beginning of the second semester ‎‎(January, February, March2008).‎

PCDCR will arrange a training course for three days in the skills of planning and ‎implementing of community action projects and child protection projects for the ‎children groups to acquire the necessary skills needed to implement their initiatives ‎‏

PCDCR will receive printed applications for initiatives until Thursday 19th Nov. 2007, ‎‎2:00pm to be delivered by hand in one of the center’s branches:‎
‎-‎ Digool St. next to the Governor Palace, Gaza.‎
‎-‎ Khan Yunis, Skeet El Hadeed St. ‎
‎-‎ And to be emailed to the e-mail address pcdcrinfo@pcdcr.org
‎-‎ ‎ Tel 2843449‎

The application form can be found on: ‎

‏ Source:the Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution

PCDCR organizes a workshop about Judgment


The Palestinian Center for Democracy and Conflict Resolution Center (PCDCR) ‎implemented a discussion session, in the PCDCR headquarter in Khan Yunis, entitled ‎‎” Reasons and results of delaying cases”, Some lawyers and interested from the NGOs ‎attended the session.‎

Younis El Tehrawi, Facilitator of the session, welcomed the attendance and gave an ‎idea about the project objectives and accomplishments, where he defined the ‎judgment system, explaining that judgment is important in these days.‎

El Tehrawi pointed to the problem found in the judgment system where 10 pass ‎without solving a case.‎
Moder El Dani gave and statistic contains the effects of the repeated strikes and the ‎judicial vacations.‎
The attendees discussed the reasons for delaying the cases:‎
‎-‎ Liabilities.‎
‎-‎ Lawyers.‎
‎-‎ judges. ‎
‎-‎ Reporting problem. ‎
‎-‎ Repeated strikes

Recommendations and the out comes of the session:‎
‎*‎ Appointing more judges ‎
* Implementing the result of the judging competition and appointing the winner ‎judges.‎
* Appointing a higher clerk to supervise the judges’ works.‎
* Questioning the employer who do not report.‎
* Separating the judgment system from the political and Partisan life.‎
* Providing security in the courts.‎
* Activating the role of the technical office of supervision on the courts.‎
* Forming a judicial police to implement the judicial sentences. ‎
* Reporting must come from the private companies