Youth for Social Peace

Project title: Youth for Social Peace

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy

Thematic Programme Democracy, Human Rights and Good Governance

target group: Youth

Implementation period: 12 months ( 1/2/2015 – 31/1/2016)


Nothing has been changed since the last four months, everything is still the same. Gaza strip still suffer from the reconstruction, crossing closure, no arranged salaries, no fuel, weak infrastructure, irregular power shortage, unemployment and other conflicts that daily increased.

In additions, the inability to find any political solution and the continuation of Israeli settlement policy and aggression upon Al Aqsa mosque led to deterioration in security situation in Jerusalem and West Bank.

The Intransigence of Israel and its provocations towards the Islamic sites as well as the frequent attacks of settlers to West Bank people changed the situations and became difficult to predict its end or consequences.

For sure that this deterioration affected negatively all aspects of Palestinians’ life. But, in the aspect of social peace, there is an improvement in the relationship of national forces where they are unified towards one objective as protecting Al Aqsa mosque and practices of Israeli forces.


  • PCDCR will assess the roundtables and town hall meetings based on participant feedback on their substance, as well as media coverage generated by them.
  • PCDCR will measure the utility and impact of its debate initiative through requests for participation, and feedback from civic activists and policy-makers on the quality of the debates.
  • PCDCR will gauge the cohesion of the Alliance teams as the primary signal that these reconciliation-support efforts are drawing a committed pool of participants. In addition, and on an activity-by-activity assessment, PCDCR will document the degree of participation by individual Alliance members in the planning and conduct of activities.


  • Debate League.
  • Roundtables and Town Hall Meetings.
  • Awareness sessions in Schools.